Laura and I have woven our combined 30 years teaching experience to open a unique pre-primary / primary English school in Waterloo, not far from Brussels.
Throughout the years we have been inspired by many great early education models, all of which have a common thread: children are competent, have their own ideas, and when given the opportunity to learn from their own choices, will make meaningful discoveries.

Evergreen is an environment beyond the usual predictable classrooms. We have animals to nurture, trees to climb, gardens to plant, tend and harvest, and many hands-on projects to develop. From these “real life activators of learning,” come curiosity, independent investigations, original experiments, and unpredicted discoveries. What we offer is a place where children enjoy the fun and excitement of learning.

At Evergreen we work together to create a dynamic learning experience in and out of the classroom. By keeping our school under 24 students, with a maximum class size of 8, high academic standards are well supported. However, beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, children have a great opportunity to discover their own unique capabilities and strengths to actually “explore, discover and create,” as our motto affirms.

We welcome you to our new school, and look forward to your visit.

Jon Darling
Head of School
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I know several thousand things that won't work." Thomas Edison
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Rue Emile Dury 63, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium
Phone 02 354 7005
Thank you to our parents who wrote such nice letters for us to share!
Dear Laura,

I wish to congratulate you and Jon for the opening of Evergreen School. The children are having such a great experience there. Once again you have made a unique and exciting venue for children to be challenged, and to grow both mentally and physically.

So long ago, you provided the program and climate, that helped build our daughter's confidence, and provided some very precious memories for all of us.

I am sure that every child who attends your school, as our daughter was, will be forever enriched in a way that few other early education programs can offer.

We wish you all the best!
Carla Alley
Villa Ridge, MO

"Thank you for sending me a link to the website of Evergreen International School at the Chateau de la Rose. I must say, I am stunned, (though not surprised) it is so beautiful and I am delighted!

It was thirty some years ago, you played an important part in laying a foundation for the growth of our daughter. You had Rebecca from the time she was three years old until her teens when she no longer needed adult supervision. We could not have asked for a more loving, nurturing, stimulating and healthy environment for her. The physical environment was lovely as well, and far removed from what I considered a sterile child care center!

To this day, I credit you with having helped make Rebecca a more well-rounded and accomplished person in adulthood than she would have been otherwise. My husband and I shall forever be grateful to you."
Andrea Welch
Fresno, CA
Dear Mrs. Laura and Mr. Jon,

Thank you so much for the lovely pictures! They are beautiful!

The field trip to the Royal Gardens left quite an impression. Tibi has been talking about it a lot. We are sure all the other children had great fun as well at the “King's and Queen's garden”!

He also said that the new swimming teacher is very nice. How lucky they are, to have so many nice people involved in their life!

Last weekend, we were told by friends, (and we know it is true,) that after a short time, our son has changed in a good and very positive way! Thanks to you!!! One afternoon when I picked him up from school, he was so excited! I will try to recall his words: "Mom, I really like school now. I like it even better than playing at my house! People don't know how much I like school, because I don't even know it. "

I also have to tell you that the other day he looked at the Hop on Pop book at home and managed to read it all by himself. He was so proud, just like we all! Of course, not everything, but even simple sentences at the beginning of the book he could read!! Many thanks for that!

I don't know how we are going to be able to thank you enough for all your work, attention and love for him!

Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday!

Judit and Co.
Brussels, Belgium

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